The REAL reasons Aaron Rodgers wants to leave Green Bay

5 min readMay 25, 2021


Many people think Rodgers’ wants to leave Green Bay mostly because of the Jordan Love draft pick. I can assure you that isn’t the case. If you’re a packers fan and you’re mad at Rodgers for wanting to leave, you suffer from short term memory loss. Let me recap a couple things for you guys off the top of my head.

1. For 2–3 years Rodgers was paid less money than MARK SANCHEZ. This was after Rodgers won a super bowl MVP. Rodgers did not demand a new contract unlike everyone else does nowadays. He didn’t even sit out.

2. Rodgers had a mediocre/bad supporting cast for most of his career. He had a terrible defense most of his career. People also forget he had a terrible offensive line for many years. Rodgers was consistently among the league leaders in sacks taken. Blaming this on him holding on to the ball too long is ignorant. Rodgers has an extremely high football IQ and he can fit a football into the tightest windows. His line has been great the last couple years, but I’m talking about his whole career.

3. When Russell wilson was fed up with the seahawks coaching last year, he damn near DEMANDED a trade. Rodgers put up with being underpaid, bad coaching, terrible defense’s etc. for most of his career.

4. The Packers made the most disrespectful move in NFL history by trading up to draft Jordan love. After Rodgers won MVP, they still are reluctant to give him the extension he deserves.

5. The packers have been one of the least active teams during free agency in the last decade. From 2011–2017 the average NFL team spent 437 million Dollars in free agency. The Jaguars spent roughly 840 million dollars during that span. The packers only spent 181 million dollars during that span. Dead last in the league. The Packers preferred to resign underachieving players rather acquire good free agents.. RIP to Ted Thompson, I’m sure he was a wonderful man. However he was an extremely conservative GM which held Rodgers and the Packers back.

6. Aaron Rodgers constantly raved about packers quarterback coach Alex Van Pelt. The Packers fired Van Pelt anyways. I will talk about this in point number 7 in greater detail because they go hand in hand.

7. Another person Rodgers raved about is Jake kumorw. Jake Kumerow was a back up Receiver who is currently on the Bills practice squad.

Let me get into why points 6 and 7 anger me SO MUCH. Many of you are thinking, “So what they didn’t resign Jake Kumerow, he was a fifth string receiver.” Thats exactly why it is so frustrating. BECAUSE he was only a 5th string receiver and Rodgers loved him. He is signed to a one year 920 thousand dollar contract. Green Bay couldn’t afford that to keep one of the greatest QBS of all time happy? If you think this wasn’t a big deal to Rodgers, read this Rodgers quote regarding Jake Kumerow.

“I truly understand my role, I’m not going to lobby for anyone. Last time I lobbied for a player he ended up going to Buffalo.”

Rodgers felt so passionate about this he brought it up in an interview. Rodgers has kept his thoughts to himself his whole career. Did anyone hear Rodgers complaining to the media when his offensive line got manhandled by the Giants in the playoffs? Or what about when Brandon Bostick muffed the Seahawks onside kick? Or when Raheem mostert ran for 250 yards and 3 touchdowns against them? The list goes on, truly. Rodgers has never replied to unfair criticism. But he felt SO passionately about them not resigning Jake Kumerow, he finally said something.

As for Alex Van Pelt, same story. He has a great relationship with the greatest packer of all time and they just fire him? Van pelt actually proved himself as a coach this last offseason. He was the offensive coordinator for the Browns Playoff game against the Steelers, helping them pull off their first playoff win since 1995.

Tom Brady is out there lobbying for star players. Rodgers can’t get his 5th string receiver signed on a dirt cheap contract. Brady had one of the best receiving cores in NFL history (Godwin,Evans Miller, Gronk and Brate). So Brady tells his GM “It’s not enough I want Antonio Brown.” Bruce Arians was on record saying he wasn’t going to sign Antonio Brown and Brady got it done anyways. Did it stop there? No. “Draft a left tackle in the first round.” “…Ronald Jones seems solid but let’s get Fournette as well.” I am not insulting Tom Brady whatsoever, BRADY made some great signings. I’m just explaining how frustrating it must be for Rodgers when he is constantly compared to Brady.

These 7 points were off the top off my head. They are all points that have been made public. Just imagine how many things the packers front office have pissed off Aaron Rodgers behind the scenes.

Rodgers patiently waited on the bench for THREE years as a rookie. This is almost unheard of, especially for a player as talented as Rodgers. He has been amazing ever since . Football TEAMS win super bowls. Not quarterbacks. Don’t tell me Eli manning and Trent Dilfer are better QB’s than Dan Marino. There’s a reason the Rams traded a “proven super bowl caliber QB (Goff) “ for a QB that hasn’t even won a playoff game-Stafford. Not to mention they also threw in TWO first rounders.

Many ignorant people compare the Jordan Love selection to the Rodgers selection. That is ridiculous! Brett Favre talked about retirement for multiple years. Green bay’s front office thought he could retire at any second. Rodgers was on record for saying he wanted to play at least 5–8 more years-which is easier to do in today’s NFL. Favre was also coming off a first round playoff exit. Rodgers was coming off an appearance at an NFC championship game.

I’m higher on Jordan Love than most people. I love his upside. But for the pick to pay off being a top 10 QB is not enough. He needs to become one of the 10 best quarterbacks of all time. The Gutekunst had to feel SO strongly about him that he had to believe they could not find a prospect as special as him in the next five years. It was a huge mistake.

I am a packers fan, but I am a Rodgers fan as well. He has given so much to Greenbay and he deserves to be happy. Packers fans have NO RIGHT to be angry at Rodgers if he decides to sit out. They should be mad at Brian Gutekunst and all the other front offices Rodgers had to play with. When you have a generational talent at QB you do not tell him “Shut up and play.” Anyways, the packers front office has slapped him in the face too many times and I think it’s a miracle he’s even been a packer this long.




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